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India relation with neighbouring countries in 2021

India and her Neighbouring Countries India and her Neighbouring Countries After independent. India incorporated Panchsheel principal in its foreign policy and always tried to maintain friendly relations with her neighbouring countries. To strengthen her relation India has cooperated with neighbouring countries in the economic, technology and scientific development fields. SAARC is the main example of […]


What is role President of India || list of President- Infotechstudy

  The President of India Aticle¬†52 of the Indian constriction contains provision for the post of President of India. President is the first citizen in India. He is the constitutional head of Union Executive and symbol of unity and solidarity of the country. The President of is also nominal head of executive of Indian Parliamentary […]


French Revolution – Infotechstudy

French Revolution French Revolution of 1789 was a great revolution. It transformed the social, economic and political system of France. It immensely influenced the history of modern world. This revolution had its origin in the several events of the past. Priests, landlords and officers enjoyed special rights which caused distress among common people.   Causes […]


Russian revolution Causes| Outcome | Effects | Events – infotechstudy

Russian Revolution The Bolshevik Revolution or the Russian Revolution is a landmark event of the 20th century. The revolution ended the despotic monarchical rules of the Tsar and established socialist democracy. It also puts an end to the powers of aristocrats, capitalists and landlords in social,economic and agricultural fields . This revolution laid foundation of […]


World War 2 interesting facts || Incident – History

Second Word War Facts and Incident (1) The World War ll was started on 1st September, 1939 and ended the 2nd September 1945 There were many reason which led to the outbreak of World War ll among them the main cause was Treaty of Versailles. (2) German dictator Hitler’s offensive activities forced European nations to […]


World War 1 30 interesting facts – History

World War l Facts 1:¬† World War l was a longest of all the wars fought during this period. It was started on 28th July, 1914 and ended on the 11th November, 1918 which means that continued for almost 4 years. This war proved to be terrible and gruesome of all preceeding wars. World War […]