revolt of 1857

Revolts 1857 causes and Effects || immediate cause|| reasons to failure

  Revolt of 1857 The Revolt of 1857 was the first great attempt by the Indians to free themselves from the clutches the British rules. It was massive war which witnessed participation king, queens, landlords, peasant and soldiers alike. Prior this revolt, the resentment of Indians was expressed both in the from of violent mutinies […]


Composition and functions of the Rajya Sabha || powers || Qualifications

Composition of Rajya Sabha According to Article 79 Rajya Sabha is an integral part of the Parliament. This is Treated like as Upper House of the Parliament. This is a permanent house and all the States and Union Territories  are represented by it. According Article 80, the maximum strength of Rajya Sabha is fixed at 250, […]


How is President of India elected?

The President of India The president is the head of the Indian Union and occupies the highest office. All executive power and vested in him/her. He/she discharges his/her duty with the help of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers who directly represent by the people .   Election of President The President shall be […]