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American Revolution (AD 1776)

The Bloodless Revolution of England catalysed the sentiments of achieving independence and rights among the people of British colonies. Columbus discovered England in AD 1492, Columbus called it a New World. Later, on the name of a sailor Amerigo Vespucci, this new world was named as America. The discovery of America spread sensation in Europe. After that the European merchants began to compete with each other to drain away the natural wealth of this continent and make the inhabitants as slaves.

The British succeeded to establish 13 colonies in America within 150 years. lncapabilities of the British emperor George III and the discriminatory policies of the British Prime Ministers (Lord I etc) increased the dissatisfaction among the public of the American colonies. In 1773, the British Government allowed its merchants to directly send tea to America from India to sell tea from China in American colonies without paying taxes. It angered the local tea merchants. When a ship laden with the tea from India reached Boston Port of America, the agitated Americans entered the ship and threw the boxes of tea in the sea. This incident is called the ‘Boston Tea Party’.

Scholars like Thomas Paine, Edmund Burke and Thomas Jefferson significantly contributed with their ideas to organize a background for the American Revolution . The American Revolution was happened between 1765 and 1783.

American revolution

The American patriots within the 13 colonies won independence from Great Britain. They defeated British with the assistance of France and other and become the United States of America. The Treaty of Paris was signed on 3rd September, 1783 formally ending the conflict and confirmed the new nation’s complete separation from the British Empire.

United States took ownership of almost all of the territory East of the mississippi river and South of the huge lakes, with the British retaining control of Canada and Spain taking Florida.

The revolution outcome in the migration of around sixty thousands loyalists to other British territories, especially British North America (Canada). The American Revolution was led by George Washington who became the first President of America. The Constitution of America was prepared in AD 1789. 4th July America celebrate the Independence Day.

Causes of American Revolution

Following were the main causes of the American Revolution

Economic Exploitation    The British Government was severely exploitating colonies. The British Government had implemented such trade laws in colonies which were beneficial for Britain, but they were severely affecting the economic development of colonies.

☆ Exploitative Rule    There were total 13 colonies of America in England. British administration in these colonies were most exploitative. There was a Legislative Assembly and a Governor in each colonies, “” in which there were elected members from colonies. They used to make rules and regul7ations related to their own interests, which angered the Americans.

☆ Imposition of Stamp Act      The British Government had imposed heavy duty on trade, on the inhabitants of colonies which caused great distress among them. Anticipating the people’s revolt, the British Government decided to deploy permanent armies in colonies and imposed the cost of maintenance of army on colonies. To compensate this expenditure, the British Government passed the Stamp Act and levied extra tax on inhabitants of the colonies.

☆ Dissatisfaction among the American People     Americans lived for a long time as colonised. After countless adversities in the beginning they became self-sufficient. Inhabitants of these colonies experienced that to live under British protection is not beneficial for them. Hence, they wanted to alienate from England.

☆ Influence of Philosophers    Americans were influenced by the philosophies of Locke, Thomas Paine, Milton, Jefferson etc. With the influence of their ideas, political consciousness spread in America, which took the form of revolution.

Result of the American Revolution

Result of American revolution

☆ Written Constitution   After freedom struggle of America, written Constitution was implemented for the first time in the world. This trend was then followed by other countries of the world.

☆ Establishment of Republic  This revolution paved the may for the establishment of republican state. This revolution gave the message of “rule of the people, rule by the people, rule for the people” to the world. Most of the countries of the world adopted republican system after getting motivation from this revolution.

☆ Inspiration for Other Countries    American French Revolution encouraged the other countries of the world. e.g. French Revolution of 1789 was inspired by American Revolution.

☆ Eradication of Slavery and Civil War   A series of civil war ended in America and Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery from America.

☆ Emergence of a Group of States    After American Revolution, 13 colonies were liberated and they jointly formed the United States America  .

☆ Significance of Equality and ‘ Liberty    After the establishment of republic in America, the equality and liberty for people were also established. It inspired the other countries of the world.

☆ Liberalisation of British Policies     after losing colonies as a consequence of American Revolution, the Britishers are followed liberal polices toward other colonies.

☆ Federal System   American adopted  federal system after this revolution. Under this system, the power of Governance vests in hands of Central Government Matters related with states  were given to the states. This system was also followed by the other countries of the world.

What is Boston Tea Party?

Americans were becoming dissatisfied with the growing exploitation and atrocities of the British Government. The British Government in AD 1773, permitted its merchants to directly send tea from India to America to satisfy Americans, but it gave an opposite impact.
The British Government hoped that the tea would sell cheaper in America and the anger of Americans would also be reduced. But, when the ships laden with tea from India reached at American Port Boston, then Americans entered into ships and threw the boxes of tea into the sea, this incidence is known as Boston Tea Party in the history of America.

Significance The British Government was provoked by this incident and launched a drastic agitation against the inhabitants of the American colonies. As a result, American colonies declared themselves independent and the freedom struggle began in America. Ultimately, Americans became victorious in this war.

What is ‘No representation, No tax’ slogan ?

The main slogan of American Revolution was, ‘No representation, No tax’. The background for this slogan was that, there was no representative in British Parliament from these colonies. With this slogan, the Americans clarified that British Parliament has no right to levy tax upon them.

The significant impact of this conflict was that the British Parliament concealed the Stamp Act, but it kept, the right to levy taxes in British colonies. Due to this, the American people demonstrated again and cleared that they would pay only those taxes which would be levied by the legislation elected by them. Ultimately, due to their growing agitations, England abolished all the taxes but tax on tea continued.(American revolution causes result and event)

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