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Result of the War

TheGreat War’, which began on July 28, 1928 and with German armistic of November 11, 1918, had result in the vast number of casualties and deaths and similarly vast number of missing soliders . The precise numbers remain shrouded in the passage of the time  compounded by the incompleteness of available record. 


☆ Massive Destruction of Wealth and property – This war witnessed heavy casualties. Around two crore people were wounded during this war .Germany lost her 80 lakh (approx ) soldiers and around 50 lakh (approx ) soldiers died in allied nations. Huge amount of wealth was wasted on war.

result first World War

Use of Mordern and Destructive Weapons – This war spread across Asia and Europe. Large number of Mordern weapons, Tanks, artillery, aircraft and submarines were used during this war.

☆ Establishment of Republics – After the World War l, Germany, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Yugosalvia,Lithuania, Latvia became Republics.

☆ Emergence of New Nations – Paris peace Conferences announced the creation of 8 nations in Europe. The new nations namely Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were established as Baltic states.

☆ Development of Autocratic Rule in Europe – Treaty of Versailles proved to be humiliating for Germany. Due to the harsh terms imposed by Allied powers on Germany. Fascism emerged in France and Nazism emerged in Germany.

☆ Change in the position of the Super Power – Britain, France, Russia and Germany were earlier considered as emerged as the sole Super powers prior of World War l . But after the war, US emerged as the Super power. The then, US President Woodrow Wilson played important role in The framing of the term of Treaty of Versailles.

☆ Development of Nationalism – Post World War l era, witnessed the development of the felling of Nationalism and self -Dependence among the nations.result of First World War

☆ Economic depression – Due to widespread wastage of wealth during the war, many nations become the debters of United States of America. In 1992, the value of German currency declined so much that 1 pond equalled to 34,000 Mark.

☆ Development of the Ideology of Socialism – Socialism as an Ideology emerged in Europe, during the Post World War l era. Governments of many countries starting giving attention to the rights of the workers.

☆  Establishment of Leauge of Nation – League of Nations war an intergovernmental organisation founded on 10th January 1920, as a result of Paris peace conference that ended the First World War. It was the first international organisation whose principle mission was to maintain World peace.

☆ Social Consequences – Social structure of the society underwent change. Woman became more independent and self-reliant. Woman occupied important positions that were earlier occupied by men only.

☆ Religious Consequences – During the post war period, more and more people became atheist in Russia and people started deviating away from the church in Europe.


Treaty of Versailles 


The First World War was brought to an end with the signing of treaties between the victorious and defeated nations. At the end of the war all the nations met in the Paris and Versailles to dicuss the future of Europe. The defeated nations were not allowed to participate, nor were their ideas considered. Around 27 countries attended the conferences but it is the leaders of the three major power -Lloyd George from England, Georges Clemencau from France and President Woodrow Wilson of the USA who took the all decisions.

Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919. This treaty was very unfair and very harsh but Germany had no option but sign it.



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