What are Causes of Rise of Nationalism in India class 10th


 Causes of Rise of Nationalism

National consciousness was an outcome of explotative nature of British rule and its policies. The important causes or factors responsible  for the develop consciousness among Indians are as follows: {What are Causes of Rise of Nationalism in India class 10th}

• British Colonialism/ Imperialism

This promoted feeling of patriotism and nationalism among at it has h the Indians. The understanding regarding the colonial rule that been the major cause of Indian’s economic backwardness further intensified such feelings.

• Social and Religious reforms movement

These movements generated the feeling of self-consciousness. dignity, liberty and national pride among the Indians. Important contributors in this regard were Raja Rammohan Roy, Devendranath Tagore. lshwar Chandra Vidyasagar among others.

• Spread of Education

Speed education

The introduction of English language and modern Western learning played an important role in the spread of nationalism. This along with modern Western education played an instrumental role in assimilation of modern and liberal ideas of freedom, equality and democracy.

• Newspaper and Pamphlets

During 1880s and 1870s, circulation of newspapers and pamphlets spread political consciousness among the masses. Important newspapers of this time includes : Indian Mirror, Amrit Bazar Patrika, The Hindu, Kesari etc.

• British Monopoly over Higher Services

There was widespread discontent among the youth regarding the discrimination which they faced in terms of unemployment. Indians were always kept away from the higher services.

• Racial Discrimination

Before the Revolt of 1857 racial discrimination was not much performed by the British. But post-war period (post 1857) saw the rise of social discrimination. They not only separated their residential areas, but also tortured the Indians physically. They were bruitally assaulted by the police and were not given proper justice by the court.

• Means of Transport and Communication

Communication and transport

Development of modern means of transport and communication enabled the British to. strengthen their hold on Indian administration.

• International Events

International happenings influenced educated Indians on large scale. During 19th century, Europe now the emergence of nationalism and independence of many nations. This influenced the Indian leaders to think about their self-respect and independence. What are Causes of Rise of {Nationalism in India class 10th}

• Spread of Indian Education and Culture

The Asiatic society founded in 1784 by Sir William Jones is a unique , institution having served as a foundation head of all literary and scientific activites. Such studies also helped in the development of nationalism in India.

• Political Unification

British Government introduced Z-similar administrative policies across India. Their It and order system was also unified across the country. All Indians were subjected to similar level of subjugation and torture by Britishers. This created the sense of political unification among the masses.

Formation of Indian National Congress

Indian National Congress was formed by the efforts of a retired British official named Allan Octavine  (A.O Hume). Its first meeting was held at Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit College in Bombay on 28th December, 1985 Womesh Chandra Banerjee was its first President.

Indian National Congress was set-up to fulfil the objective of uniting nationalists horn different regions, spreading awareness regarding the exploitative nature of British policies and to organise public opinion around popular political questions. The political activists of the country were made to provide an organised platform.


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