What is SAARC? | List of SAARC Summit

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What is SAARC ?

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation 

(SAARC) is an economic, political and cultural organisation of eight countries of South Asia. It was established in December 1985 at Dacca, the capital of Bangladesh. At the time of its establishment there were 7 members- India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka. In April, 2007 Afghanistan was given membership. Presently, there are 8 members in SAARC. Its secretariat is located at Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Its head is called Secretary-General. The Secretary-General is appointed by the Council of Ministers of member countries, who has a tenure of 3 years. The initiative to establish SAARC was started by Ziaur Rahman, the President of Bangladesh in 1977 after the visit of member countries. Just before its establishment in 1985, its manifesto and Constitution of the organisation was finalised in its various meetings at Bangladesh (1981), New Delhi (1983), Maldives (1984).

Objectives of SAARC


There are 10 articles in SAARC’s Charter, in which the objectives, principles and financial arrangement of SAARC has been described. In Article 1 of SAARC Charter,

following objectives have been described

● To work for the welfare and upliftment of the people living in South Asian Region.

● To encourage economic, social and cultural development of South Asian regions.

● To create an environment of sensitivity towards mutual faith, and farsightedness among South-Asian nations.

● To achieve active cooperations among member countries in areas of economy, society, culture, technology and science.

● To increase cooperation with other developing countries.

● To express mutual cooperation on international platform for general benefits.

Principles of SAARC

In Article 2 of SAARC’s Charter, following principles have been described:

● Member nations will not interfere in internal matters of other nations.

● Under structure of organisation, members will respect cooperation, sovereignty, regional integration, political independence and mutual benefit.

● This cooperation will not take place of any bilateral or multilateral cooperation but it will be only of supplementary nature.


List of SAARC Summit

So. No Year place
1 December, 1985 Dhaka (Bangladesh)
2 November, 1986 Bangalore (India)
3 November, 1987 Kathmandu  (Nepal)
4 December, 1988 Islamabad (Pakistan)
5 November, 1990 Malay (Maldives)
6 December, 1991 Colombia (Sri Lanka)
7 April, 1993 Dhaka (Bangladesh)
8 May, 1995 New Delhi (India)
9 May, 1997 Malay (Maldives)
10 July, 1998 Colombia (Sri Lanka)
11 January, 2002 Kathmandu  (Nepal)
12 January 2004 Islamabad (Pakistan)
13 November, 2005 Dhaka (Bangladesh)
14 April, 2007 New Delhi (India)
15 April, 2008 Colombia (Sri Lanka)
16 November, 2010 Thimphu (Bhutan)
17 November, 2011 Addu city (Maldives)
18 November, 2014 Kathmandu  (Nepal)
19 November, 2016 Pakistan
20 2018 Sri Lanka (proposed)

What is full form of SAARC ?

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

Member countries of SAARC ?

Members countries of SAARC are – India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan Nepal and Maldives.

Where is the secretariat (headquarters) of SAARC located ?

SAARC is an organisation of eight South Asian countries. Its secretariat is located at Nepal’s capital Kathmandu.

When and why did SAARC was established ?

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation was established on 8th December, 1985 at Dhaka Bangladesh, with objective of promoting regional cooperation.


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